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All ProBoards policies apply throughout the Scrappin’ Peeps Message Board (“the Board”). These policies include, but may not be limited to: ProBoards Terms of Service, Proboards Privacy Policy, and the ProBoards Digital Millennium Copyright Act. All Board members are expected to read each of these policies, as well as the ProBoards Community Guidelines document. ProBoard's policies state that when you log in, you are accepting the current version of their policies and it is the users’ responsibility to read the most current version. Logging into the Scrappin’ Peeps Message Board is an acknowledgement that you accept the guidelines in this document and are responsible for reading the most current version.

Before an individual can become a member of the Scrappin’ Peeps Message Board, he/she must complete a registration process. Prior to granting membership to the board, board administrators attempt to verify the legitimacy of each request. Verification includes but is not limited to determining that the member-candidate has an interest in the general hobby of paper-crafts.

Scrappin-Peeps administrators are not responsible for any member violations of the ProBoards Terms of Service and other policies. Administrators are bound to the same ProBoards policies as its members. Administrators and moderators will use various warning processes and guidelines provided by ProBoards when necessary. See the ProBoards Terms of Service for additional information.

Content Privacy

Members to this Board will respect the privacy of every member. No member is to share any information, posts, threads, photos, layouts or links to any other boards, websites, social websites, single or mass emails, etc. Layouts, drawings or photos are understood to be the property of the artist/creator and are not to be shared with anyone outside of the Board without direct permission of the artist/creator. Any member found sharing information from the board or the Scrappin Peeps Galleries without permission will be banned from the Board. In short: “What happens here stays here.”

Board Improvements

Member comments and suggestions for improving the Board, or concerns about the operations of the Board are both valuable and crucial for the long-term sustainability of the Board. Members are asked to present any ideas for changes to Board operations, policies, and/or enhancements such as forum additions or deletions, etc. to administrators prior to presenting the idea to the community at large. This does not include common Board activities such as challenges, swaps, tosses, etc. Posts that may be interpreted as requests for a change in board operations, policies, etc. may be removed if administrators have not first been consulted. Consulting administrators allows the administrators to determine if the request is possible within the ProBoards environment.

"Public Forum" is any area, site or feature offered as part of the Website (including without limitation discussion forums, message boards, blogs, chat rooms, emails or personal messaging features) that enables You (a) to upload, submit, post, display, perform, distribute and/or view User Content, and/or (b) to communicate, share, or exchange User Content with other Website members or other Website visitors. You acknowledge that Public Forums, and features contained therein, are for public and not private communications. You further acknowledge that anything You upload, submit, post, transmit, communicate, share or exchange by means of any Public Forum may be viewed on the Internet by the general public, and therefore, You have no expectation of privacy with regard to any such submission or posting. You are, and shall remain, solely responsible for the User Content you upload, submit, post, transmit, communicate, share or exchange by means of any Public Forum and for the consequences of submitting or posting same. PROBOARDS DISCLAIMS ANY PERCEIVED, IMPLIED OR ACTUAL DUTY TO MONITOR PUBLIC FORUMS AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR INFORMATION PROVIDED THEREON.” Source: Proboards Terms of Service

Scrappin' Peeps Board Administrators
October 29, 2013
(updated September 14, 2016)


*Our scrapbooking/paper crafting message board will be "advertised" on other social media sites. This is to help generate new members.
*Potential members, as always, will be "vetted" prior to acceptance of their memberships. Members will be required to make at least one post per month. Should a member not meet this requirement, his/her membership will be deleted. (There will be exceptions, such as vacations, illnesses, etc.)
*While this board is private, the Scrapbooking and Cards forums will be open to VIEWING ONLY to guests. This is in order that potential new members may see what the board is about, and to see our activity. Guests will be allowed to see that we do have other forums, but will NOT have access to them.
*Members will be polite. There will be NO: swearing/curse words, pornography (this should go without saying!), badmouthing of other peeps, general nastiness. Remember, we are trying to be known as the friendly scrapbooking forum! Remember, we are all human, and we all have bad days!
*Should a member have an issue with another peep, or, with a post, said member should notify an Administrator as soon as possible instead of responding to such post.
*Should a member offend you, please feel free to use the "Block Member" button so you have no interactions with her/him.
*Members are allowed to post images. Members are encouraged to use the Scrappin' Peeps account from which to share their images.
*The Scrappin' Peeps account is also private, and requires a membership at the Scrappin' Peeps message board, New members must request membership to the account in order to view and post images there. However, members are encouraged to check their own account settings to be certain they are set to be as private as wished.
*While attachments are allowed, they will be limited to no larger than 1mb, and no more than three images per post.
*Staff reserves the right to delete attachments after a period, due to minimal storage on the board. Announcements will be made prior to attachment clean-ups in order that members may choose another method of sharing their images.
*Staff reserves the right to revise any and all Policies and Guidelines at any time. Notification of changes will be made in advance in order to allow members to review and comment on any changes.

Scrappin' Peeps Board Staff
September 18, 2016


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